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QuoteWizard is the largest privately held independent insurance lead company in the United States. With this designation, the company is proud to facilitate auto insurance quotes to millions of consumers every year. Additionally, they sell these leads to thousands of agents throughout the country.

Although QuoteWizard offers leads for a variety of lines, they have a strong focus on auto and other P&C products including home, renter, and condo insurance. They have recently introduced health and Medicare lead options as well.

One of the primary benefits of the QuoteWizard system is the ability for agents to use as many as 60 filters. This gives them the ability to target prospects by age, marital status, prior coverage, gender, and credit rating among many others.   The most popular auto filter is the multiple policy option which is rare in the industry and a favorite among agents.

Additionally, the company has separated itself from the industry by offering the best customer service experience around. Agents do not have to deal with multiple contacts to receive answers to their questions. In the same breath, they have one of the best return policies in the industry. Bad leads can be returned for a credit refund within a 10-day window.

At this time, QuoteWizard is supplying more than 300,000 leads per month to nearly 8,000 agents.

Features of the QuoteWizard System

In a crowded industry, it is essential for companies to set themselves apart from the competition. QuoteWizard has been successful in doing so by offering the following four benefits:

  • High Quality Leads. With the help of an advanced verification system, they are able to provide agents with high-quality leads on a regular basis. They track the leads that are closed as well as those that are returned. This information is then used in the future to ensure a higher closing ratio.
  • Excellent Customer Service. Every agent is matched with a territory representative as well as a dedicated account management team. This goes a long way in helping each agent reach his or her potential.
  • Agent Loyalty Program. With this program, agents are able to take full control of their leads with daily schedules, the ability to return bogus leads, vacation time, and much more. Along with this, when you are part of the program you will receive a credit equaling 10 percent of every deposit.
  • Flexibility. To ensure that agents don’t feel tied down, QuoteWizard offers schedule flexibility including live transfers with WizardCalls, daily volume caps, and 1,080 hours of vacation time.

Agent Competition

Agents are well aware that the insurance industry is extremely competitive. For this reason, they do whatever they can to get a leg up on local competitors.

On average, QuoteWizard sells each lead to less than four agents. That being said, it is important to note that the maximum times a lead is sold is eight for most lines. The company offers an industry-low max of 4 agents per auto insurance lead.

Auto Insurance Lead Pricing is as follows:

  • Premium – $14.50
  • Preferred – $13
  • Standard – $9
  • Unfiltered – $7
  • Preferred with Good Credit – $16.50
  • Preferred & Home Owner – $17.50
  • Live Call Transfer – Custom

QuoteWizard offers both premium and exclusive sharing options.

With the premium option, you can rest assured that the lead is sold to a maximum of four agents, typically less. As for exclusive, the lead details are sent to only one agent.

Health lead options are as follows.

  • Health – Varies by Risk Level
  • Medicare – Varies by Risk Level

Buyers seeking additional P&C options outside of auto can also buy the following lead types.

  • Home Leads – $11
  • Renter & Condo Leads – $6
  • Live Call Transfer – Custom

Please note that the content and pricing of this page are updated regularly. However, pricing is subject to change at any time.


QuoteWizard does not require a contract to get started. Instead, they do business on a “pay per lead” basis.

There is a reason why QuoteWizard has become one of the largest insurance lead providers in the country. They take great pride in providing the highest quality leads, exceptional customer service, and a variety of lead types. When all this is added together, it is easy to see why they have nearly 5,000 agents buying leads every month. New customers can receive a 100% Match Up to $2,500 in Free Leads to get started.

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