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Since 1993, InsureMe has been generating insurance leads online. This makes the company one of the oldest in the entire industry. The company takes great pride in client retention, with more than 500 agents that have been signed up for more than five years.

Although InsureMe was acquired by in 2008, this has not changed the quality of the product or the personalized service.

There are many reasons why InsureMe for Agents has risen to the top of the industry, including but not limited to: high quality product, a variety of useful tools, great customer service, and the ability to offer multiple types of leads.

Additionally, their Agent Connection system provides access to a 24/7 web application that ensures real time lead delivery. This helps save agents time while also increasing their chance of closing a sale.

InsureMe does not require any setup fee or long-term contract. Instead, they have a pay as you go platform that does not lock agents into a certain number of leads every month. The flexibility allows agents of all budget levels to form and keep a relationship with InsureMe.

Competition Kept to a Minimum

On average, InsureMe sells each lead to three agents. However, the maximum number is eight. With an average on the low side of the industry, competition is kept to a minimum. This gives every agent a better chance of closing a sale.

Cost per Lead

When compared to other lead generation companies, agents find that InsureMe relies more on a “hybrid” model. For example, their auto and health leads are sold by category with preset filters in place. For other leads – such as life, home, and long term care – there is a base price with customizable filters.

For example, there are five distinct types of auto insurance leads:

  • Standard – $4
  • Select – $5
  • Choice – $7
  • Preferred – $9
  • Premium – $11
    (Pricing at time of posting. Subject to change)


With more than 700 custom filters, InsureMe is definitely the industry leader in this area. Some leads have fixed filters while others give agents the ability to use customized filters. Either way, this affords every agent the opportunity to target the right type of consumer for his or her business.

Geographic filters are most common, allowing agents to target consumers based on ZIP code, county, and/or state.

The Preferred Lead Program is very common among agents who use the InsureMe system. This helps limit the number of times that each lead is matched. Agents can pay for leads to be matched 3 times or less; 4 times or less; or 5 times or less. While this program does cost more, it gives the agent less competition with each lead.

Lead Delivery

InsureMe offers a real-time delivery system that can send leads via email, text or integrated CRM/LMS.

Refunds and Billing

InsureMe does not “beat around the bush” when it comes to bad leads. As long as there is fake or inaccurate information, any bogus lead can be returned for a credit.

Getting started with the InsureMe system is as simple as adding a credit card and making a deposit. The minimum deposit is $100 now No Deposit with a maximum of $2,000. When the account balance falls below 25 percent, the credit card on file is charged for the initial deposit amount. This ensures that the agent always has enough money in his or her account to buy leads when necessary.


With quality leads, hundreds of filters, and a long history of success, InsureMe continues to be one of the top lead generation companies in the industry.

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