How Many Leads can you Handle?

The more insurance leads you bring in the more sales you can make., right? Well, in a vacuum that would probably be a completely true statement. Howeverr, there is something else you have to consider: how much time do you have to devote to calling on fresh leads?

The last thing you want is to buy insurance leads, just to find that you don’t have enough time to call the consumer right away. Remember, the longer you wait to contact a buyer the less chance you have of making a sale. Instead, another agent will likely swoop in and steal the deal.

It is your job to know how many insurance leads you can comfortably handle on a day to day basis. When buying leads, it is easy to control this number – no matter what it may be. Some agents only purchase a few leads here and there. Others make it a habit to purchase 10 or more every day. Only you know how many you can handle.

To ensure that you don’t get in too deep, start off slow. Buy a few leads on the first day and see where it gets you. If you find that you still have plenty of time, you can purchase a larger batch in the future.

Additionally, when you start slow you can get a better idea of how much it is going to cost you to purchase the number of leads that you are interested in.

Do you have others who can help with the work? Some agents work alone while others have a team behind them. Obviously, if you have more than one person who can make calls it may make sense to purchase a large quantity of leads.

Tip: track your return on investment to ensure that you are making a profit. If you are not closing any leads you will need to change your approach.

Only you know how many insurance leads you can handle on a given day. If your strategy entails purchasing leads, you can control your daily intake to increase your overall chance of success.


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