Five Traits of the Best Insurance Lead Companies

It is easy to believe that all insurance lead companies are the same. After all, they appear to offer the same services. While there is no denying that you can buy leads from a large variety of companies, you don’t want to get stuck believing that every provider is identical – this is not the case.

You only have so much time in a day. Along with this, you only have so much money in your marketing budget. With this in mind, it is imperative that you choose to do business with the best insurance lead companies. Why waste your precious resources on providers that are not going to offer what you truly need to succeed?

Here are five traits to look for when comparing companies that sell insurance leads:

1. Reliability

Like anything, you want to choose a company that is reliable enough to do what they promise. If you pay for leads you should expect to receive these on time. A company that is here today, gone tomorrow is one that you want to avoid. There are many reliable providers out there, so finding one with this trait should not be too challenging.

2. Customer Service

There is nothing worse than doing business with an insurance lead company that does not value you as a customer. You only want to consider providers that are available to help with everything from opening an account to paying for leads to returning those that are invalid.

3.  Quality

If nothing else, you must make sure you buy the highest quality leads. Those that have been sold in the past are nothing more than a waste of money. Only rely on companies that sell the highest quality leads to a small number of agents. This will improve your chance of making a sale while allowing you to feel better about the money you are spending.

When considering quality you will also want to consider your options during the buying process.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Filters – Do they offer standard filters?  What about custom filters?
  • Delivery – Are the leads real-time? For top tier providers they should be.
  • Volume Controls – Can you cap your lead volume? Can you pause lead flow?
  • Shared Limits – How many times can a lead be sold? Most good companies are 8 or less.
  • Returns – Can you return bad leads? How much pain is involved to do so? How long is the return window?

4. Affordable Pricing

It would be great if you could generate a large number of insurance leads for free. However, this is easier said than done. For this reason, you need to find an online company that can sell you the right leads at the right price.

Tip: most agents don’t mind paying a reasonable amount for leads as long as their ROI is acceptable. Are you keeping track of your return on investment? If not, you should start today.  Pricing is completely relative to your ability to contact and close the leads.

5. Quantity

Right now, you may only want to purchase a few insurance leads every day. But could this change in the future? Of course. You want to find a company that can keep up with your demand. This will ensure that you can always get your hands on the leads that you want and need, without any delay.

Note: While this is an important factor to consider it should not disqualify an otherwise good lead source.  If they provide solid prospects keep them in the mix regardless of volume.  The best solution is often a combination of providers.

These are just five of the many traits that the best insurance lead companies offer agents. Can you think of anything else that is important?

Now that you know what you are looking for, you can begin to compare insurance lead companies with the hopes of finding the one that is perfect for your business. For many agents, this is a trial and error process. In other words, you need to experiment with multiple companies to truly find the one that is best for you.

If nothing else, keep these traits in mind as you begin your search for an online lead provider. This will help you narrow your options and settle on the company that can help grow your business.

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