AILR was developed to assist insurance agents and agencies in the process of buying and sourcing auto insurance leads.  Our information and reviews comes from a combination of firsthand experience, recommendations of trusted peers that have worked with and used various industry providers and an aggregation of user sentiment and reviews across the web.  We combine these methods to give the most comprehensive overview and level of advice possible.
In 2009 the Federal Trade Commission issued new guidelines concerning endorsements and testimonials with the goal of clarifying user opinions and endorsement or advertising messages.

Compensation Disclosure
We know that providing a good informational resource is the best way to help others and get referral traffic.  While our opinions are our own they are genuine and we stand behind all of our content.  While our opinions are not altered by advertising relationship we may receive compensation for recommendations made in referenced to some services.  This compensation may be in various forms including money or complimentary products or services.  While this may not be the case for all recommendations and links on the website it is best to assume that the website may receive some form of compensation for any external link clicked or referral made.
Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us using the contact form provided on the site.

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