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AllWebLeads Review

All Web Leads sets itself apart from the competition by generating high quality leads through a company owned network of insurance related web properties. While the company focuses the majority of its time on auto, home, life and health insurance leads, it offers other lines including: renters, senior health, long term care, disability, business, and annuity.

The company requires no long term contracts or minimum orders. With this, agents are able to “come and go” as they please based on their budget and current schedule.

Over the years, All Web Leads has garnered attention for lead quality as well as friendly customer service, multiple filtering options, competitive pricing, and a simple to use interface.

Thanks to its recent growth, they are able to provide agents with a steady flow of targeted leads.


Like most reputable insurance lead companies, All Web Leads will not sell any one lead more than eight times. While this is on the high side, it is good to know that most leads, on average, are sold between two and four times.


All Web Leads strongly believes in offering a quality product at a very competitive price. To start, it is important to note that they offer free geographic targeting. This allows agents to target leads only where they are needed, such as a specific ZIP code.

If you need to use additional filters it will cost some money. With hundreds of optional filters, agents are often surprised at how deeply they can target consumers.

For agents who don’t use any filters, here is the starting price for each type of lead:

  • Auto insurance – $7.25
  • Health insurance – $4.80
  • Life insurance – $9.00
  • Final expense life insurance – $12.00
  • Home insurance – $13.50
  • Long term care insurance – $14.50
  • Annuity – $39.14
  • Renters insurance – $7.95
  • Disability insurance – $8.90
  • Business benefits insurance – $11.20
  • Business property insurance – $5.60
  • Senior health insurance – $10.02
    (Pricing at time of posting. Subject to change)

Live Transfers

All Web Leads offers live transfers for its auto, health, and life insurance leads. The benefits of this system include:

  • Increased conversion rates (you only pay for actual connections)
  • All leads are pre-screened to ensure that you only speak with qualified consumers
  • Save time by not having to chase after the consumer on your own
  • A dedicated account manager who can offer phone and email assistance

With All Web Leads, you will pay more for live transfers. Fees include:

  • Auto insurance live transfer leads starting at $25.25
  • Health insurance live transfer leads starting at $22.00
  • Life insurance live transfer leads starting at $51.00
    (Pricing at time of posting. Subject to change)



There are not many areas in which All Web Leads comes up short. They offer some of the highest quality leads in the industry, without raising prices above the competition. Additionally, their customer service team is devoted to the overall success of the agents that rely on them.  


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