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AgentInsider has become one of the most well known lead companies, thanks to its decision to focus on agent flexibility. Every year, millions of consumers turn to the AgentInsider network of websites to request insurance quotes. From there, the leads are sold to agents throughout the United States.

Recently, AgentInsider merged with to bring the highest quality, highest converting leads to agents.

At this time, AgentInsider is offering multiple lead types in addition to auto including: commercial, renters, health, home, and specialty term life insurance.

One of the many details that set AgentInsider apart from the competition is its relationship with the BankRate network of insurance websites. These properties are among the best in the world for providing quality information to consumers while also capturing their insurance preferences.

AgentInsider does not believe in contracts or holding agents to a minimum lead purchase. It is this sort of flexibility that helps attract new agents. Additionally, it only takes $100 to open an account. This money is fully refundable if the agent decides to close the account.

Cost of Leads

AgentInsider has preset costs for each lead type. This affords the agent the opportunity to set his or her budget upfront.

The most popular lead types and preset prices are as follows (at time of posting):

  • Auto – $7 – $10
  • Health – $4 – 6
  • Home – $10 – $12
  • Term Life – $4 – $12
  • Senior Health – $8 – $12
  • Renters – $6 – $8


With an industry best filtering system, it is easy for agents to target the right consumers. Along with this, AgentInsider gives agents the ability to lock in one or more ZIP code based on location. This assures the agent that they are the only one from their carrier receiving leads in the chosen market.

Also, agents have the ability to control the exact number of leads received per day. This is as simple as selecting the ZIP code and setting a “lead cap.”


AgentInsider never sells a lead to more than five agents. By setting a cap, the buyer knows exactly what they are getting when they make a purchase. Additionally, this helps to ensure that the consumer does not get bombarded with too many inquiries related to their insurance needs.

In addition to limited distribution, leads are never sold to multiple agents from the same affiliate company.

Lead Delivery

All leads are delivered in real time after a consumer in your ZIP code completes an online insurance quote form. Along with this, contact information is presented to the consumer after submitting his or her information. This gives the consumer the opportunity to contact the agent directly.

AgentInsider offers agents the ability to access their account 24/7. With the powerful, easy to use online account management system, agents can update their personal information as well as many other details including ZIP code and lead volume among others.

Customer Service Team

Agents often times have questions and concerns as they attempt to choose an online insurance lead provider. The same holds true after they sign up for a service. Those who need any help setting up an account or making changes once they are a customer are able to contact the customer service team.

The AgentInsider customer service team is also trained to help agents maximize their investment and make the most out of every lead that is purchased. To go along with personalized assistance, they provide free on-demand presentations to help agents improve conversion rates.

Final Word

AgentInsider offers competitive pricing, extreme flexibility, and most importantly, leads that are known to convert at a high rate.


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