Thanks for visiting AutoInsuranceLeadsReview.com. My name is Sam Neely.
While I am the main author and the creator of this website, it is what could be considered a brain trust of insurance pros from all areas of the US. A lot of great insurance minds helped with their opinions and feedback.

There is quite a distinction between P&C leads and life, health or financial leads. Breaking it down further the Auto product is unique from other P&C products in many ways.

Because of this we decided to create a specialized resource specifically for the biggest line when it comes to lead volume. Buying internet leads is a great way to grow and scale an insurance business. For agents selling auto insurance finding the right lead sources and working them quickly and efficiently can create a winning combination for major growth.

The process of finding the right formula is a lot of work. Many agents will throw in the towel after one or two bad lead company trials. We can certainly understand the frustration. These common struggles are a major reason why we created this resource. We hope to help buyers by visualizing some of the many options and offering reviews of the top services in the industry.

We thank you for visiting the site and welcome any feedback you might have through our contact form.


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